Project Lafayette Offices Olomouc

With its distinguishing position as the first office park to be built in Olomouc and the state-of-the-art architectural solution, Lafayette Offices Olomouc is ready to meet the highest international standards for office space. Four floors of leasable space with a total size of 6,609.9 sq m ranks the building among A-class offices. Flexibility of the whole space was the main criteria during the design works in order to enable the tenants to modify the space plan according to their wishes – be it an open plan, individual offices or a combination of both. With its direct access from the street, the ground floor area of 1,366 sq m is intended for retail. The original lobby with a bright and airy glassed-in atrium reaching up to the very top of the building, and a set of top-floor open terraces all present striking features of the project. High technology of the building and the indispensable parking space capacity available on the premises are matters of course.